Homescapes Cheats 2020 – Earn Free Stars and Coins

Are you searching for free Stars and coins in the Homescapes Cheats game?

Homescapes Cheats:

Homescapes Mobile Game was developed by the “Playrix” gaming company, which has also developed Gardenscapes game. Both the story of Gardenscapes and Homescapes are intermingled as Austin, the butler, returns home to renovate his mansion.

Homescapes story starts with Austin, the butler who returns home to find his ancestors trying to sell their old home. Now, you need to help Austin to rebuild his old mansion by clearing the 3-puzzle game and getting Homescapes coins and stars.

When you Clear any level in the puzzle, the game will reward with free stars and coins. These Homescaps Coins and Star can be used to buy different game goodies. These game goodies can be decorating items or game booster, which later can be used to clear a difficult level.

So, are you ready to clear all levels and help Austin renovate his beautiful mansion?

Some of the cool features of Homescapes are as follows

  • Easy to play and cool graphics
  • Game is based on a 3-puzzle scenario
  • There is no limit for time; only you need to finish in some stipulated moves
  • The official Homescapes currency is
    • Homescapes coins
    • Homescapes Stars
  • Homescapes Stars play a special role in getting all the items for renovation
  • Homescapes Coins are on the other hand used for purchasing game boosters
  • Give a personal touch to every item you want to decorate
  • You will find cute pets during your journey
  • Connect with Facebook and get huge rewards
  • Play different Playrix games and get huge rewards

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05 Homescapes Cheats for free Coins and stars

So, let’s check all the Homescapes cheats, which you can use to get free Coins and Star without any hassle.

Method 1 # Homescapes Smartphone Glitch

In this method, you need to make your smartphone one day forward and then you can get free hearts. Hearts are those game items in Homescapes, which provide a chance to play level.

If you are not having any hearts in your account, then you cannot enter any level to play.

So, follow these steps to get free Homescapes hearts

  • Log out from all Homescapes game account
  • Now Reset mobile to one day forward
  • Reboot your mobile
  • Open your Homescapes account
  • Free hearts will be available in your account
  • Play levels and use hearts and then log out from Homescapes account
  • Make smartphone date to the present date and reboot
  • Login to your smartphone Homescapes account

Use this method once every week to get free hearts in the Homescapes game.

Method 2 # Connect Facebook

If you are connecting your Homescapes account with Facebook, the game will reward you. Some of the rewards which you can claim are as follows

  • Homescapes Coins – 1000
  • Free Homescapes spin
  • Save your process automatically
  • Check the daily update on the leaderboard
  • make the team in Facebook

Connecting Homescapes game account with Facebook also ensure, you get daily leaderboard progress. You can also check your friends’ position when you connect your account with Facebook.

Method 3 # Play Playrix game

As mention earlier, the Homescapes game is developed by Playrix, which also developed many other games. Now you can get huge rewards if you join those games form the Homescapes dashboard.

You will receive a huge bonus and rewards when you join those games and start playing them on your smartphone. At present, there are 04 games in which you can join

  • Gardenscapes
  • Township
  • Fishdom
  • Wildscapes

You can expect to get rewards like

  • Coins
  • Stars
  • Hearts
  • Other game goodies

Method 4 # Take part in events

A best-proven method to earn Homescapes coins and Stars is to participate in events. Events are based on some special occasions; during those events, game rewards players with huge bonuses.

Check out all the events which are presently present in Homescapes game and then try to clear them.

Some of the events which Homescapes has are as follows

Furry tale eventsTreasure Chest events
Star chest eventsHappy time events
Williams Birthday eventsFlint’s Adventures
Clouds events

start participating in events and win different game goodies

Method 5 # Watch Video ads

Start watching video ads that are present in the “Daily- to-do list.” You can find many video ads that will fetch you with free game goodies.

Browse to that section and click on the video icon in the daily to-do list and watch video ads.

Video length is from 30-40 sec each, and they will provide you with free Coins and Stars when you watch the full.

Final words

So, these are the Homescapes cheats to earn Stars and Coins; you can use these methods to get free coins legally in Homescapes.