Enemy Strike Cheats for Gold and Bucks

Are you searching for enemy strike Cheats for unlimited Gold and bucks?

Enemy Strike Cheats:

If you are looking for top games for army action then, check out enemy strike game. This Android game is developed by “Killer Bean Studios” and has 10 million Smartphone installs from Google Play Store.

Enemy Strike Game is based on many armies style combat missions, where you will find help from buddy fellow. You can also summon Air Strike from your Allied Forces if you find a huge enemy presence in the area.

Enemy Strike game has more than 17 weapons, which you can choose and start eliminating all enemies.

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Features of enemy strike game are as follows

  • Best game in its category
  • Good gameplay with less cluttering in the dashboard
  • Choose from many combat mission
  • The game has 07 maps or location
  • Daily new mission
  • More than 17 weapons to choose
  • Armor, helmets and tech gear to give extra protection
  • 05 mode of gameplay
  • FPS action game
  • The game becomes harder after some time incorporation AI
  • Get help from Allied Forces for Airstrike
  • Alien Gunships with battle tanks
  • Gold and Bucks are the official game currency

Enemy Strike Cheats to get free Gold and Bucks

Enemy Strike Cheats to get free Gold and Bucks

Enemy strike cheats have two official currency for purchasing different game goodies; they are gold and bucks.

You can purchase every game goody, using enemy strike gold if you possess them. So, here are some awesome methods by using which you can get gold in enemy strike game.

 07 Enemy Strike Cheats for unlimited Gold and Bucks

Method 1 # Login daily

If you need to have free gold and bucks, then you need to login daily in the enemy strike game. Login daily in the game will also ensure, latest notice and latest events.

Now, if you log in daily, the game will start rewarding with different game goodies which will help you in clearing game levels.

Method 2 # Clear Mission

Whenever you clear mission in the enemy strike, the game will reward you with free game goodies. Now, you can find many missions that are available on your dashboard along with the daily mission.

The daily mission is those missions, which you need to complete on the same day; you cannot pass these games for the next day. Login daily also ensures that you get a daily mission that can fetch you free gold and bucks.

Method 3 # Join Facebook

The biggest earning of gold in an enemy strike is when you connect your game account with a Facebook account. The game will reward you with free gold and bucks.

Adding your game account with Facebook account also will fetch you

  • Free 03 Gold when you share your mission completion screenshot
  • Get gold and bucks when you connect your enemy strike account with Facebook
  • Share your game progress with your friends
  • Your game progress will be saved
  • Invite friends to play enemy strike with you

Method 4 # know and upgrade a weapon

The enemy strike has more than 17 weapons and all has its own characteristics, you need to know how these guns will perform under what range. Choose good weapons after checking their characteristics and keep on upgrading them.

Always remember, the upgrading weapon also ensure clearing your mission with less effort. If you fail to upgrade your weapon, then you might fail in clearing a difficult mission.

Method 5 # Upgrade armor and shield

Whenever you are going into any mission in enemy strike game, check your protective shield. You should always invest in good protective shields like

  • Armor
  • Shield
  • Helmets
  • Tech Gears

Upgrade armor and shield

Do not go without good armor and protective gear, these will save you in the battlefield and help clearing mission.

Method 6 # Get help from Allied Forces

You can get help from the Allied Forces when you are surrounded by the enemy. You can choose to bombard an area where enemy presence is heavy, or they have a battle tank.

Now, many times you will face touch situations where an enemy will spawn with enemy tanks and battle guns jeeps. You will find it difficult to clear all these enemies; for these reasons, you need to summon Air Strike.

Using special gear, you can summon Air Strike to form Allied Forces; they will bombard the whole area and help you clear your mission.

Method 7 # Aim for headshot

Enemy Strike game is a shooting game, which means you need to shoot an enemy in the head to get a headshot. A headshot is the main enemy Strike cheats which you can employ to get clear lots of enemy.

If you get a headshot of the enemy, then the game will also reward with game bucks. Ensure to hit an enemy with a bullet in his head as you will save bullets.

Final words

So, these are the 07 methods of Enemy Strike Cheats for Gold and Bucks, which you can employ and get free gold in the game.

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